It's all in the Cloud:What Lala means to the future of Apple and iTunes

With the pending acquisition of Lala by Apple speculation has begun on how Apple will integrate Lala into iTunes with many suggesting that this acquisition will enable iTunes to begin offering their own streaming services like or Pandora. »

The Apple TV - Apple's Secret Weapon

Have you been wondering what are Apple's plans for the Apple TV? Recently Apple dropped the price of the 160GB model by $100 and discontinued the 40GB model fueling the rumor mill that changes to what Steve Jobs has described »

Better than Coffee

[caption id="attachment_430" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Energized by Left-Handed Toons"][/caption] »

This isn't going to end well for Palm

Does anyone remember Real Networks and ultimately what happened to them? It's a history lesson that Plam could learn from. During the early years of the online music battle a cat and mouse game between Apple and Real Networks broke »

CrashPlan Central Review - The Perfect Online Backup Solution?

Many of you read about my poor experience with the Carbonite online backup service. After that experience I was ready to throw in the towel on online backup and not think about it until the market got a little more »

Apple Thoughts and Perdictions Grab Bag

A lot of friends have been asking be what I think will be released Sept. 9th by Apple. Will it be a new Apple TV? Blu-Ray support? New iPods? the iTablet? I don't expect any of these things other than »