Apple Thoughts and Perdictions Grab Bag

A lot of friends have been asking be what I think will be released Sept. 9th by Apple. Will it be a new Apple TV? Blu-Ray support? New iPods? the iTablet? I don't expect any of these things other than the chance of new iPods, but I've got a few ideas of my own, each is only half baked at this point but I thought I would share them to get my readers involved in the brainstorm.

Things that are not going to happen:

  1. There will be no Blu-Ray support in AppleTV or for that mater any Apple product, ever. Apple is finished with physical media as far as entertainment media goes. It's clear there will never be a replacement to Blu-Ray because it's the last of it's kind. Why buy disks when I can click and have it on my TV in a few seconds? Blu-Ray is never going to happen. Just buy a Apple TV and watch whatever you want without having to keep a stack of discs laying around. I've already ripped all my DVD's and used Handbrake to turn them into movies I could upload onto my Apple TV, why haven't you?
  2. I've already made my peace on the Apple Tablet, you can read that here

Things that might happen:

  1. Apple is going to announce a new and improved package for albums that improves the "album" experience. I think this is fine but if it's anything like the crap that you got when buying an "enhanced" CD then it's going to be a big yawn. Supposedly something like this is exactly what the music industry is working on. When are they going to realize that they need to just stick to the music and leave the rest to companies that understand the Internet?
  2. Apple is going to announce it's upgrading a portion of it's music collection to better than CD quality and will be releasing many future albums with better sound quality as well. This idea just entered my head. I can't even begin to explain why I even think this is a possibility. I just see a pattern forming around music quality. The interest in good, high quality music and recordings is making a come back (for example 2008 vinyl record sales were up 37% over the previous year). As far as I can tell I'm the only one who is making this prediction so I'm going out on a limb here.
  3. Something interesting will happen around Movie rentals or purchases. I don't know what, but there is another pattern forming here as well.

Things that will happen:

  1. The iPod line up including the touch are going to get a refresher, larger storage is in order but the addition of a camera is going to be the most interesting item. I think they are also going to announce the end of life of the iPod classic.
  2. Steve Jobs is going to be doing the keynote

Ok that's it, what am I missing?