Closure on Carbonite - How to get a Refund

bbbAfter receiving repeated messages from Carbonite support that a refund was not possible I took my case to the BBB to file a formal complaint. (note to self, be cautious in the future of companies that don't offer 100% customer satisfaction guarantee)

With the last few e-mails from Carbonite support being totaly unreadable I just had enough. Thanks to the power of the BBB In less than 24 hours I had my refund and I can now close the door on them for good.

So as a suggestion to all upset Carbonite customers out there, give their support a try first, it's only fair to let them try and resolve the issue, but if you find yourself in my situation just take it up with the BBB. (this link will make it easy, it's already linked to the Carbonite BBB record)

As a side note, it's beyond me why they never tried to troubleshoot the e-mail issue - which is so ridiculous it pains me. It's obvious the messages are HTML formatted messages that came from MS Word or an older version of Outlook (which produces hideous non-standard HTML) and that the formatting is getting mangled somehow when sending to Gmail. It wasn't until they started pasting in content from some KB into their e-mails to me that the problem started to happen. (and yes, I did once take the time to strip out the actual message from the garbage pile of MS Office HTML tags and it was a KB article on how to disable windows Defender, Carbonite, guys, my service was working great a month ago with Defender installed why would it suddenly cause a problem now? The upload speeds were slow on my Mac too and Defender sure as hell isn't installed there. Either way I followed the instructions, just so I could say this: I told you that wasn't the problem)

I don't know for certain but I suspect that Carbonite has almost 100% outsourced customer support, heck it's not even known where your data is going when you use their service, does it even stay in the United States? When I would send messages to Carbonite support on Friday, I would receive responses late  Sunday that would match the start of a India/China work day.

When will companies realize that it always comes back to customer service? Great customer service creates customers for life. Great customer service would have likely made me OK with the slow upload speeds and great customer service would have certainly stopped me from blogging about this and ultimately getting my refund.

I know the Carbonite folks are reading this blog and guys, I hope your listening.