The Great Computer Stuff Moving sale of 2009!

my-home-moving-sale-logoI'm moving to California and as anyone who has moved cross country or really anywhere knows is that before you move, you clean. For this move I’ve decided to part with the vast horde of computer paraphernalia that I’ve built up over the past 15 years.

I've carefully collected and packaged this stuff up and then schlepped it around the country from dorm room to apartment to apartment and finally to my house where it has all sat like a ticking time bomb in my basement out of sight, out of mind. 

So enough is enough, I’m not taking this stuff with me, but I hate to just toss it. There are some real gems in there but my parents have threatened to disown me if I try to store this stuff in their attic so I’m looking for a new home. Here is the list of things that seem cool enough to mention:


  1. Assorted Token-Ring hardware including 16/4Mbps  NIC's an IBM 8228 MAU (You could build your own home Token-Ring network if you were so inclined with all of this gear which I used to do back in the day when I was a Banyan Vines/Token Ring network guru)
    • Odd bit of trivia about me: I'm a Banyan Vines certified network administrator,  do you remember StreetTalk? They invented directory services! Forget Novell NDS and Microsoft AD, both those fools ripped Banyan off, sigh...(I'm also certified on Lan Manager too, I bet you didn't even know why NTLM is called NTLM? Well now you do)
  2. 10Base-2 Ethernet hardware including a 10Base-2 repeater! You can get 300 feet x 2 with this awesome technology. 
    • More random trivia: In Atlanta, there are two apartments in the same apartment complex that were covertly wired for 10Base-2 back in 1998 and are likely still wired to this day. Oh the awesomeness of crawling in between walls and attic crawl spaces during an Atlanta summer just so a buddy of mine in the same place could play computer games
  3. A collection of random Palm Pilots from the original up to a Handspring model (Come on, relive the good times and see if you can still write in Graffiti!)
  4. A DECstation 5000 model 20 with 20 inch monitor.
    • More triva: I wrote tons of  MIPS assembly code on this bad boy, oh the memories! I've never felt closer to a computer than when I was writing RISC assembly, it was a very romantic moment for a geek.
  5. An original, Apple LISA with 10MB(!!) HD. This amazing computer cost $10,000.00 new, yours for only shipping and handling (the monitor might be in need of repair and I might break down and sell this one on eBay so sorry in advance if I waffle on giving this one away)
  6. Random assortment of computer junk (486 chips, random RAM sticks, odd SCSI cables and whatnot)
  7. An Apple iMac G4 (sunflower). Relive this period in history and plant this cool looking computer in your house today!
  8. HP DeskJet 5850 with WiFi/Ethernet/USB support (This printer is only a few years old, works perfectly fine, comes with a bunch of ink cartridges)
  9. HP 15 Inch LCD monitor (A friend gave this to me many years ago, now you can be my friend and I can give it to you)
  10. Sony MegaStorage 400 CD changer (you remember CD's right?)
  11. Atari 2600 with a huge box full of games (HAHAHA, no sorry, I'm keeping this awesome gaming system for myself.)

I'm still going through the boxes, I'm sure I’ll find other gems and when I do, I'll post them here. I am very serious about finding a good home (not a landfill) for most of this stuff, if you are interested, drop me a message if you know me or leave me a comment if you don't and I'll get back to you. Also, if you are looking for something really old or odd, maybe an odd cable or plug or who knows what, ask me, I problably have it, but ask soon, before it disapears.

Just Added:

  • Xbox original (Hack it to install Linux and fufill every young hackers dream of installing Linux on anything that computes)
  • Echo Power Blower PB-403t (Need to get that dust out of your computer case? Forget about those wimpy computer vacuums, this puppy will do the job in about 1.2 seconds)