Oh my god, my schedule's gone to plaid

Spaceballs - Gone to PlaidMy calendar reached a new level of insanity today, achiveing the triple, quadruple and now infamous quintuple booking state that most people were afraid to ask if it were possible. There was a moment where I thought a small black hole had formed inside my schedule and was cosuming all available time before it became a reality.

All I can say is that getting aquired and becoming part of one of the worlds fastest growing software company that happens to exist inside a 100 billion dollar technology company is freaking exciting man. Really. Don't try this at home. (BTW, if you didn't know, I used to work for SPI Dynamics, which was aquired by HP a few months ago).

When this is all over i'm going on vacation for a very, very long time. Untill then, I'm hiring. If you are a web security researcher or a product manager and you think you got mad skillz, drop me a note.