I'm in Chicago for Memorial day weekend. Chicago is the one big city in the US that despite my best attempts, I've never wandered around in. Today I put that to an end. Despite the gray day and threat of rain we headed out on a morning bike ride around grant park, the aquarium, navy pier and  everything in between. After having a Chicago Dog at Navy Pier we biked back home and then headed off to the Art Institute for some  museum exploring, we barely scratched the surface of that place. We then proceeded to wander south through the city and walked back home (in the rain, but who cares!).

I think I like Chicago. The city has this Gotham feel, the architecture is intense, the people seem decent enough and the proximity to the lake adds this intangible cherry on top of everything.  I found myself wondering what it would be like to be here in winter, not because I wonder if it would be hell (or rather hell frozen over) as I'm sure it is, but because I wonder how the city operates in the winter, what it looks like, what effect it has on the people, how do people cope? There is something fun about putting on a ton of warm clothing and braving the winter in a city, you instantly have this bond with everyone else around you as you brave the elements. Why I find this fascinating I do not know.

Tomorrow I plan to have our whole day revolve around my search for Pizza. We plan to head for Giordano's or perhaps Gino's East (I've been recommended both) for a slice of Chicago style pizza pie, what we do before then or after is still up for debate but with so much to see in such a short time I don't think I'll be disappointed.

p.s. I've been "tagged" so that means I've got some more blogging to do very soon!