Net Neutrality's Revenge

Remember Net Neutrality? A lot of people stopped paying attention when the Telco bill that got everyone upset died but because no one passed the bills that would make it illegal to bring the idea up again later means the idea is still out there lurking. Around the same time I predicted that if anti-net neutrality laws were allowed to pass that it would accelerate the move to an all wireless Internet. According to this report, it would look like I was right. Of course the article doesn't go far enough with a lot of the focus on what will happen to existing wireless providers like AT&T and Sprint, but that's way too short sighted. It doesn't take a genius to plot out the Moore's law chart of wireless data networks to come up with a trajectory that says in 20 years time I'm going to have a hand held device that can talk to your hand held device on the other side of the country, but it won't do it over anyones network, it will do it point to point. So what happens when the average guy on the street has nationwide point to point capabilities, and then soon after world wide? Think mesh networks on steroids.

Information wants to be free, to kill againAt that point, information really will be free. Just as the P2P crowd found out, the only way to get data from me to you is to eliminate the middle man because the middle man always wants a cut of the action.

So as far as net neutrality's concerned I'm OK that the threat is still there that AT&T, Comcast and Time Warner could cruise in and rain on our parade, it just accelerates the beginning of the end of big telco and hopefully, finally, as David Isenberg perdicted in 1998 the real rise of the stupid network