Clinton on FOX News

Clinton on FOX NewsFormer President Clinton recently let loose on FOX news during an interview with Chris Wallace. They were supposed to be there to talk about the billions that had just been raised as part of the Clinton Global Initiative but less than 5 minutes into the interview things got Interesting. The Nation did an excellent job summing up the event, but you really have to see it to believe it.

Is it naive of me to think that this kind of upfront, straightforward, pull no punches type of discussion when attacked by our sleepy media is exactly what people are looking for from our leaders? How many people would have voted for Gore if he had just pulled out the baseball bat during the debates? Don't get me wrong, the democratic party is in shambles, and has been for a while, it's pretty clear they lack any sort of strategy whatsoever, but throughout both the 2000 and 2004 elections I was just begging to see the Dems go on the offensive. I was hoping to see just one ounce of conviction, the Dems couldn't pull it off and America went with the stronger looking choice (Was anyone really surprised at the outcome?). I'm strongly opposed to the regligious right and a deep suporter of the seperation of church and state, so you can guess who I voited for, but even as I went to the polls I knew I was voting for a loser.

So way to go Clinton, I hope you have set a good example this time around and your party or the party that will one day rise up from it's ashes has taken notice and won't back down. Please don't back down, because the battle is just getting started.