Just what is going on?

America! Just what is going on? As a people, we have become polarized, trained to think red vs. blue. Any doubts in our leaders intentionally, almost willingly, buried by the fears implanted inside of us. We have been programed.

It's all making me sick, but what has made me most ill of late is the lack of accountability and security in what is perhaps the most sacred right of any free nation - voting

Clippy Votes

Image Source - Electronic Frontier Foundation

I've recently read the Princeton report that describes how just about anyone with a hotel mini-bar key can fake an election, whoops you say you don't have a mini bar key? No problem. It seems every time someone turns around there are more and more reports of voting irregularities, stories of lost votes that could have swung presidential elections and now Rolling stone has released a chilling tale complete with quotes from a Diebold whistle blower. Diebold by the way is the company responsible for the hardware, but they are not the ones responsible for the mess. No, that honor belongs to our politicians whom we "elected" and are, for the time being stuck with. 

What can you do? For starters you (yes you) need to call, write or e-mail your elected officials. I know, I know, what a pain in the ass that is, but it's pretty easy these days. Your Representatives have web sites and nifty little forms you can fill out. In the time it took you to read this sentence you could have easily popped off a few words like "Hey, I'm a constituent and I'd like to know what you are doing about all this voting nonsense, I urge you to support a voting system that is accountable (has a paper trail) and if an electronic system, is open for public scrutiny. Please let me know your position on the matter". It's that simple, but wait, too difficult you say? The EFF has made it so simple you don't even have to write that, just go here, fill out your address and it's taken care of. Don't want to even do that? Then outsource it, send some money to a political group that will take the fight for you. I like the EFF, and Common Cause, but the choice is yours, please use it. What, you say that both of those institutions are filled with a bunch of bleeding heart liberals? Damn it man, stop thinking about which side you are on and pay attention to the issues! Sheesh...

You have no excuse - this as they say, is my call to action, you, right there in that chair, get moving. Now.