Progress part 1

I sense that i'm finaly emerging from my XBOX 360 induced coma. I'd like to thank the makers of oblivion for taking away about 3 weeks worth of 24/7 playing from my life. Really. Ugh.

The first order of business is a facelift, the look and feel of this place is driving me nuts. I'll be upgrading to wordpress later today. I'm sure in the process that all my past entries will disapear and links will break so for my readers out there, please be prepared to adjust your TV set.

I've upgraded a friends blog from BoastMachine to Wordpress and well it wasn't pretty. There are hardcoded paths all over the place and sparse documentation that just make it a pain in the ass to change something as simple as the blog root, so no i'll probably not have a link to the old blog, sigh... In the meantime enjoy some very excelent Orbital Grooves, it will get you through the transition...